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Ever Attended a one day training course and felt the best bit was the drive home? We can Help

Why Is Our Training Better?

Designed by Service Industry Experts

At Customa, we have over 95 years’ combined experience in the service and cleaning industry.

We believe that our carpet cleaning training and oven cleaning training is amongst the best and most thorough within the industry.

All of us here have attended 1 or 2 day training courses that consisted of sitting in a classroom, usually being told that if we got through it with minimal questions, hopefully we could all be heading home by 4pm!  Yes, classroom training is important, but we felt that practical experience was even more important.  So, we’ve combined the two.  Our carpet cleaning training and oven cleaning training courses cover the theoretical stuff in the classroom that you need to know, but we combine it with real, live jobs working for real customers of our own business, A Brighter Home.

Most importantly, with all of our oven cleaning training or carpet cleaning training courses, we also include basic training on how to run your business successfully. We even run a dedicated business and marketing masterclass course designed around the best practice techniques we’ve honed within our own service business, A Brighter Home.

Customa Training is the Right Choice for Small Business

Our Unique ‘Train as Long as You Like’ Guarantee

Being confident to ‘go it alone’ is all about experience. Sitting in a classroom is no substitute for experiencing real jobs. Until you are comfortable, you can train with us on live jobs for as long as you like, be it 2 days, 2 weeks or even longer (currently offered on core cleaning services training packages). We want you to experience as many different scenarios as possible and gain the confidence you need.

Multi-Service Training

Get a head start on your competitors and offer multiple services. We train to the highest standards in carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, oven cleaning, hard floor cleaning, leather restoration and much more. In today’s competitive environment, we believe one of the ways you can stand out from the rest is to offer multiple services to your customers. Our training courses offer a choice of services that you can become an expert in. When you’ve build up trust with your customers and they require other types of work carried out that you can offer, you will always be their first choice.

We Offer Business Training Too

As well as our service training, we also offer business and marketing training. Running your own business is hard, we know that. We also know that although you’re really good at what you do, nobody can be expected to be an expert at everything. That’s where we can help. Customa’s marketing platform already provides you with a head start over your competition. Through our training, we can show you best practice, how to analyse your management information and then how to use that information to leverage your marketing to produce better and better results.

Get The Service Business Marketing Platform That Works

Grow your business with a dedicated team who already know your business inside out