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Service Business Website Design That Makes Sense

Service Business Website Design – By Industry Experts

We design simple, easy to use websites that suit your customer demographic.  Sensible web design isn’t rocket science,  but it constantly amazes us how many sites we see where the target customer hasn’t been considered.

So why a service business website design by Customa? Simple.  Our websites are specifically designed to work for service businesses just like yours.

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A Customa Website is the Right Choice for Small Business

Designed To Convert

Because we understand your customers, our simple to navigate sites are designed with the right content and calls to action to ensure you get the right sort of customers converting. Anyone can do a website that attracts enquiries – but if they’re not the right sort of enquiries, then it just wastes your time and money.

World Class Platforms and Hosting

We use WordPress. It’s here to stay, works well with Google, and is hugely adaptable. Through our back ends, you can even make changes yourself to things such as Offers on your calls to action.

Search Engine Friendly

Our sites are all about SEO. We build lean sites that are SEO friendly. There’s not much point in having a website if no one knows about it. Each site package includes setting up individual business services and local town landing pages for each service. This ensures that along with our other tailored features; your site has the best possible chance of reaching first page on Google.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

PCs and Macs will always have a place, particularly with many of your target demographic. But mobile and tablet are fast taking over. Naturally, all of our websites are mobile and tablet responsive.


We don’t just design your website and forget it. With our Pro360+ package, we’ll continue to adjust and optimise your site over time to ensure it drives the best possible results for you. We can even work on Adwords and SEO each month for you as well (Pro360+).

We Do It For You

Don’t know where to start with content for your site? No problem. You can be as involved as little or as much as you want to be. Content has to be right both for the customer reading through your site and also to satisfy Google. Our design and copyright team are always on hand to get it right.

Effective SEO for effective business building

Let’s face it – web design is big business. You can even do it yourself now with some of the DIY sites available (fine if you just want a brochure site, but if you’re serious about getting work from your site, then that probably won’t be for you).

With Customa Websites, our work doesn’t stop when your service business website design has been finalised.  The next stage is to ensure your service business is found on Google and Bing. We use a combination of effective Search Engine Optimisation and targeted landing pages unique to the towns where you’d like to be working.  Our aim is to get your site on the first page of organic search results (the bit under the adverts that doesn’t cost you any money!).

If you’d like us to help you to do this too, talk to us today or book a free demo.

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