LeatherGuru Website Design

The Challenge

Leather Restoration website design case study.

LeatherGuru specialise in all types of leather cleaning, restoration and colour change of furniture and car interiors. LeatherGuru were originally part of A Brighter Home, a specialist cleaning company. LeatherGuru was formed to take advantage of the specialist leather restoration market in its own right and required a new website.

The brief was to create a website that attracted the right, higher spending demographic. New branding was also required to create a clear message of what LeatherGuru did.

The Solution

First of all a clear brand was created with a tag line that explained exactly what LeatherGuru did. Then the website was designed with SEO in mind. For this reason, each distinct leather service was separated out (ie restoration, colour change, car seats etc) in order to allow the best chance for Google to rank the site as high as possible. Local landing pages were also created for key geographical areas. Finally, the ‘floating’ review box was created, to reinforce the reputation. The results far exceeded expectations. LeatherGuru now ranks usually in the top 3 in country wide searches for terms such as leather sofa colour change on Google. Average monthly revenue is now in well excess of 50 times the cost of the website after just one year.


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