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You do! It’s your business, your data. During initial set up, we will show you how to back up your customer records such as customer names, addresses, jobs etc.  Naturally, we also hold back ups on your behalf unless you instruct us not to.

If you choose to leave us, you will no longer have access to our platform and the CRM system.  However, your customer data (names, addresses, jobs etc) is yours and can be downloaded in spreadsheet form.  We will of course delete your data after an agreed period if you leave Customa.

Until finalised, within reason we will make changes to content etc during the initial set up of your site until you are happy.  Ongoing, within your package we allow up to 6 minor amendments per month.

As far as your own customers are concerned, GDPR is your legal responsibility. However, our CRM is designed around a platform where gaining customer consent is built in.  Therefore, you should find that as long as you follow our guidelines, you will have no problems adhering to the law.

You do. If you are starting up, we will work with you to obtain a suitable domain name and register it on your behalf.  If you ever choose to leave us, we will of course sign the domain over to you.  If you already own a domain, you have two choices; either leave it with your own registered account and simply allow us access to point it to our servers (in this case you will continue to be responsible for its ongoing cost to maintain the domain name), or move it over to us (in which case the ongoing cost of the domain is included in all of our packages whilst you remain with us).

Customa host all sites through a third company provider.  Their reliable servers are, of course, backed up and have plenty of bandwidth to cope with lots of traffic.

Customa own the intellectual and copyright property for all websites on the Customa platform. Although we will of course transfer your domain to an alternative host, Customa will retain all content and it will be your responsibility to source another website and content.

Yes and No… Short answer is that nobody can guarantee this as it depends upon so many different factors – what keyword searches you need to found under, the level of local competition, the list goes on. However, what we can guarantee is that if we can’t, it’s unlikely anyone else can. We are experts at getting service businesses onto page 1 for the right searches.

Essentially, yes.  You can upgrade your package at any time – there may be a period of set up required of course, but during this time you won’t be charged any additional fees.  If you downgrade your package to a cheaper option, you will of course lose access to some features or services accordingly.  Downgrading requires a month’s notice to implement.

Yes you can.  These sites can be cheap, but they have some drawbacks.  As a small brochure site they can work ok, but for complex SEO to draw in the right sort of enquiries and conversions and get you onto the first page of search engines, they often just can’t cut it.  Our sites are designed based on many years of experience (and lots of mistakes along the way!).  The whole purpose of your site should be to bring in business – if it can’t do that, then there’s no point in having it.

Customa is the result of over 27 years of running a service business and studying data.  Tim designed Customa following 6 years of running our test brand, A Brighter Home, and collating the data that resulted.  Tim does love a spread sheet (!), and during that time he’s produced a blue print of results.  We now have the figures and results to show what works and what doesn’t work.  Coupled with the unparalleled power of our CRM system, we believe we can provide you with the tools to succeed in your business.

Yes! If you decide to add a service to your business, then assuming that it’s one offered by us, we’ll be happy to book you in on the next available session.  Costs of training are detailed in our Packages section.

Within reason, yes!  Our live job training sessions are there for as long you need them (core services only – Carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, oven cleaning).  You’re the back bone of your business. We want to ensure you have total confidence in your abilities and so we will continue to support you with one to one training as long as you feel you need it (fair reasonable usage applies).  And we guarantee to continue to support you in the future if you ever feel you need a refresher session.  And of course, we also continue with back up phone and email support as long as you are with us (fair usage applies, office hours only).

Yes of course.  It’s your business, your brand.  If you’re starting out, we can help you with branding and we can also provide template adverts that are proven to work for channels such as local magazines etc.  If you’re coming to us as an existing business, we can simply use your existing branding or we can talk you through some ideas for a refresh – it’s your call (custom branding carries an additional cost on a ‘job by job’ basis).

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