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"The only UK based CRM software designed especially for small service businesses such as carpet cleaners and oven cleaners"

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You do! It’s your business, your data. During initial set up, we will show you how to back up your customer records such as customer names, addresses, jobs etc.  Naturally, our servers hold multiple backups at all times we also hold back ups on your behalf unless you instruct us not to.

If you choose to leave us, you will no longer have access to our platform and the CRM system.  However, your customer data (names, addresses, jobs etc) is yours and can be downloaded in spreadsheet form.  We will of course delete your data after an agreed period if you leave Customa.

As far as your own customers are concerned, GDPR is your legal responsibility. However, our CRM is designed around a platform where gaining customer consent is built in.  Therefore, you should find that as long as you follow our guidelines, you will have no problems adhering to the law.

Very! Customa is based on the Oracle framework which is used by many large companies around the world.  Of course, security also starts with your own systems and management.  We will happily advise on best practice for you and your staff to follow.

Customa is installed on servers at multiple locations. In the event of one of our datacentres having catastrophic failure (such as fire), there will normally be minimal, if any, downtime.

Of course, very occasionally things go wrong, but we have back up IT staff on call 24/7 in the event of malfunction. Generally, most things are fixed within a few minutes to an hour at most.

Of course. Customa is quite intuitive once you know your way around. However, at first, all new software can be a little daunting. We will always help, either on the phone or via screenshare.

We are also developing you tube videos for all of the most common features.

We can normally bring in data such as names, addresses, phone numbers etc. However, we can’t import existing job data from someone else’s system.

We can help you with getting your fields correct to import your existing data as necessary.

When you sign up with Customa, we will ask you to provide some basic business info such as addresses, company numbers, names of users in your business etc etc.

We will then set up your basic licence. Once that’s all in place, we’ll work with you on setting up info specific to your business such as pricing, services, items etc.

We’ll hand it over for you to test and finally make sure everything is working as you need before you go live.

This can all normally be done within a day or two.

Customa is evolving and updating regularly. Often, after a request from one of our existing customers.  If we like your idea, and we think it makes sense for everyone, we will often implement it. However, please understand that Customa is not totally bespoke. There will always be some compromise that you may need to make – however it’s rare.

Most of our existing customers already have a card facility set up when they join us.  Unfortunately, there are so many different providers on the market, with differing rates, that it would be impossible to code into Customa all the different platforms that take cards.  If we went with one provider (such as Stripe for example), we feel it would be too restrictive for most of our customers.

However, we are always reassessing things like this, so watch this space.

Yes. Texts that Customa sends out have to be paid for through your own account. Customa is currently coded to use Text Anywhere who are a market leader and competitively priced.  We will introduce you to Text Anywhere if you don’t already have an account with them, but we make no commission from them.

Customa currently integrates with Sage Accounting Software.

We are currently looking at integrating with other providers such as Xero, Freeagent etc and may do so in due course.

Customa is the result of over 27 years of running a service business and studying data.  Tim designed Customa following 6 years of running our test brand, A Brighter Home, and collating the data that resulted.  Tim does love a spread sheet (!), and during that time he’s produced a blue print of results.  We now have the figures and results to show what works and what doesn’t work.  Coupled with the unparalleled power of our CRM system, we believe we can provide you with the tools to succeed in your business.

Yes of course.  It’s your business, your brand.  If you’re starting out, we can help you with branding and we can also provide template adverts that are proven to work for channels such as local magazines etc.  If you’re coming to us as an existing business, we can simply use your existing branding or we can talk you through some ideas for a refresh – it’s your call (custom branding carries an additional cost on a ‘job by job’ basis).

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