Tried A Call Answering Service and found It's not the answer?

"I Can’t afford a receptionist to deal with my calls, but I can't do it myself!" We can Help

Why Customa Enquiry Booking?

We don't just take messages, we make bookings

For most small service businesses who book the majority of their work in over the phone, a call answering service is definitely not the answer.  We’ve been there, done that over the years. There are quite a few inexpensive call answering service companies you can choose from – normally they charge around £1 a call.  The problem is,  they come with drawbacks…  They often charge you for every enquiry (yes even those annoying sales calls, or customers just calling to check when their appointment is).  But their biggest drawback is that all they do is take messages which are then emailed to you.  That’s right, they are just one step up from an answering machine. You’ve still got to deal with all these messages.

By the time you finish your job or get home, you still have to go through those enquiries and try to book them in yourself.  Guess what?  By then, those enquiries are long gone. They’ve gone elsewhere or you can’t get hold of them.  When a customer makes an enquiry, they want to speak someone and make a booking right now.

This is where we come in.  With our Platinum Package, you get Customa’s enquiry handling experts dealing with your bookings, all in real time.  We don’t just take messages, we make bookings.

What makes Customa Enquiry Service Different?

Our Knowledge is Second to None

We know the cleaning industry like few others, particularly carpet, upholstery and oven cleaning. When your customer makes an enquiry, they have questions they want answering - they don’t want a message taker. No offence to other call centres who handle all types of businesses, but they just don’t have the same knowledge as us.

We Actually Book the Work

Because we do this every day, and have done for over 25 years, we have the virtually unique ability to be able to take your enquiries and book them straight into your diary. Thanks to our web based platform, we answer enquiries in real time, deal with any questions and book them in. We can see your schedule, availability and pricing, so no more lists of email messages to deal with when you get home.

Your Booking Costs Are Included In Your Platinum Package

Most call centres charge for every phone call or email regardless of what they are or whether they actually convert the enquiry into an actual job. We deal with all of your calls and enquiries (yes even those nuisance sales calls or customers rescheduling appointments), within your monthly package, up to 100 bookings per month.

We Don't Just Deal With Phone Enquiries

Look on us as your own Personal Assistant. As well as your phone calls, we'll deal with email enquiries and scheduling your diary also. So when a customer phones up asking to move their appointment, we'll sort it out, so you don't have to. Because the Customa Platform is web based, we can securely see your customer details, amend bookings, set up reminders if they cancel... The list goes on

It’s Cost Effective

Our call answering service is great value for money. If you were to employ a full time, trained receptionist yourself, it’s probably going to cost you at least £20000 per year (with all associated costs). That’s around £1600 a month, at the very least. And of course, you’ve still got to cover your receptionist’s holidays (and pay them as well). Our current Platinum Package includes not just your Enquiry Handling, but your Website, your CRM and a host of other features, all for less than half that figure.

Answered In Your Name

Our professional enquiry service answers all enquiries in your company name, ensuring your customer knows they have come through to the right place. Because we take detailed information from you during the set up process of the services you offer and your processes, for your customer it's like speaking directly to you. This personal touch can be the difference that makes the booking.

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